Making a Contribution

Balancing the Budget

In general the band works because all of its members are volunteers and a few generous benefactors have provided money, materials, and a place to practice.  By balancing performances and donations we try to keep the bank account in the black.

If we had more money...

Sometimes however, the lack of money keeps us from doing things that we feel are (or should be) part of our mission:

We believe that joining a pipe band is good for the individual and good for the community. 

We expect that we could find many new candidates in the ranks of high schools, colleges, as well as the adult community.  We are committed to giving free lessons to beginners. With more money we could establish proper classes and a stipend for our teachers. 

Depending on the community response we could form a junior band or perhaps a band large enough to divide into two groups when necessary (sometimes we have to turn down performance requests because we don't have enough available musicians.)

We are ambassadors for our community and our music.  We serve a region within ~60 miles of Vancouver; basically, a limit imposed by what can be done in a day.  There are communities beyond that reach that are not served by other regional pipe bands.   We would like our band to be able to subsidize the cost of sending the band to remote performances.  

Every member in the band needs an opportunity to grow.  The senior members in our band are quite good, and opportunities for them to get qualified instruction are rare (and not free).  These are often the same band members who give lessons to beginners.  If we had the resources we would like to insure that each band member will get training at a level that challenges their abilities.

Your Contribution is very much appreciated!

To make a contribution to the Fort Vancouver Pipe Band please contact Susan Scott-Larue, phone number (360) 891-0755 or email Click here to send e-mail to Susan for details.

Our band is a 501(c)(3) certified organization . Your donation is tax deductible on your U.S. Federal Income tax.

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