Band Performances

The band's active tune list is quite extensive and constantly changing (see below).  

We generally play for 20 or 30 minute sessions and can play multiple sessions. 
We try to maintain a mix of tunes chosen for the venues we typically play:

Here are a few pre-recorded samples for your listening pleasure.

Tune Name

Amazing Grace 2:32
Scotland the Brave / Rowan Tree 2:31
Malcolm Ferguson 1:39
Bonnie Dundee / Steamboat 1:45

Of course no recording played on a computer's sound system is likely to reproduce the sensation of a pipe band marching by on parade, but we hope these tunes will conjure up your best memories of the pipe band experience.

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Tune List

1976 Edinburgh Military Tattoo 4/4 March
Amazing Grace 3/4 Hymn
America the Beautiful 4/4 March
Ash Grove 3/4 Hymn
Blue Bells of Scotland 4/4 Slow March
Bonnie Dundee 6/8 March
Browned Haired Maiden 2/4 March
Campbeltown Kiltie Ball Strathspey
Cock O' the North 6/8 March
Crags of Tumbledown Mountain 4/4 March
Dark Island 6/8 Slow Air
Eagles Whistle 3/4 March
Farewell to the Creeks 6/8 March
Flower of Scotland 6/8 Slow Air
G Company's Welcome to Kuala Kubu Bahru 6/8 March
God Bless America 4/4 March
Grand Old Flag 4/4 March
Green Hills of Tyrol 3/4 March
High Road to Gairloch 2/4 March
Highland Cathedral 4/4 Slow Air
Highland Kitty 6/8 March
Itchy Fingers Reel
Jimmy Findlater 4/4 March
Kilworth Hills 3/4 March
Leaving Liverpool 4/4 March
Liberton Pipe Band 2/4 March
Loch Maree 3/4 March
Loch Ruan 4/4 March
Lochanside 3/4 March
Minstrel Boy 4/4 March
Mist Covered Mountains 6/8 Slow Air
Morag of Dunvegan 6/8 Slow Air
O'er the Braes to Ballindalloch Strathspey
P/M J. K. Cairns 3/4 March
Rakes of Mallow Reel
Rowan Tree 4/4 March
Royal Greek Guard 6/8 March
Saffron Kilt 6/8 Slow March
Samantha's Lullaby 6/8 Slow Air
Scotland the Brave 4/4 March
Steamboat 6/8 March
Suo Gan 6/8 Slow Air
Wearin' O' the Green 4/4 March
Wha Saw the 42nd 2/4 March
When the Battle's O'er 3/4 March
When the Pipers Play 4/4 March
Willie Davie Reel
Willie's Gillies 2/4 Hornpipe
Wings 4/4 March